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Screening Programme

It makes sense to look after your health. Early warning is vital to the success or treatment of many conditions.

The earlier medical problems are identified, the greater the chance of cure or of minimising the effects on your health and well being.

Programme 1:
Full Health Check

Our full health screen, remains the gold standard for assessment of current health status, with emphasis on health risks, disease prevention and early diagnosis.

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Programme 3:
Vascular Screen

This is carried out by highly experienced vascular technicians. The Carotid arteries, Aorta and peripheral arteries are examined, taking approximately 30 minutes.

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Programme 2:
Cardiac Screen

Ischaemic heart disease (IHD) is the most common cause of death in Ireland. It is caused by narrowing of the Coronary Arteries, which supply oxygen to the muscular wall of the heart.

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Programme 4:
Cardiovascular Screen

This screen combines the Cardiac and Vascular screens, and gives an assessment of the current state of the heart and blood vessels.

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