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Programme 3


This is carried out by highly experienced vascular technicians. The Carotid arteries, Aorta
and peripheral arteries are examined, taking approximately 30 minutes.

The Carotid Arteries are the main blood vessels bringing blood to the brain. Narrowing (stenosis) of the Carotid arteries in the neck can occur due to a build up of plaque caused by hardening of the arteries/atherosclerosis. This, along with other risk factors - hypertension, smoking heart irregularities, diabetes - greatly increases one’s
risk of stroke. If severe carotid artery stenosis is identified, surgery can be carried out to prevent stroke.

The Aorta is the large artery which takes blood from the heart to supply oxygen to the liver, kidneys, intestines and to the legs. An aneurysm is caused by weakening of the artery walls, causing a ballooning of a segment of the artery. If this aneurysm leaks or bursts, it can cause very serious damage to the abdominal organs, or sudden death. Ultrasound scanning of the Aorta measures the diameter of the artery throughtout its length in the abdomen and detects early aneurysmal formation.

ABI is a measurement of the state of the peripheral arteries in the legs. Atherosclerosis of the leg vessels (Peripheral Arterial Disease/PAD) causes pain while walking, coldness of the legs, delayed healing of wounds, ulceration, gangrene and could result in loss of the limb by amputation.